About Us


The Moonlight Mandolins was founded as a teaching group for mandolin students by Hugh Boyde.  The name derives more from the practice of moonlighting, than from the light reflected from our nearest celestial body.  The group rapidly expanded and soon found itself able to work on mandolin orchestra repertoire, and to perform concerts.  Now it’s a good size mandolin orchestra and is gaining new members, and many new arrangements.


New Musical Director, Anna Langley took over when founding director, Hugh Boyde stepped down in June 2010.

By day, a computer geek at the University of Cambridge, by night a lute teacher and ukulele fan.  She started learning recorder, ‘cello and harpsichord at the age of 12, then took up the lute at 13.  She played keyboards with a various bands, and then moved into the recording studio as a sound engineer and musician. Having unplugged, she’s played bass for a scratch jazz band, and sung with the Pink Singers in London.  She took up the mandolin seriously in 2006 and was delighted to discover the Moonligh Mandolins practically on her doorstep!

The plucked string orchestra of Cambridge, England