Summer Isa Cummin

This weekend we held our summer school in Cottenham.

We kicked off the first morning playing circling cannons in various arrangements of up to 9 parts. Quite a hoot.

After some coffee we indulged in some word games to up our knowledge of Italian musical terms.


A spot of tea was followed up with us forming a couple of quartets. The idea was to learn your parts on the hoof, play solidly in time together (harder than it sounds), then swap parts. A great discipline and hugely enjoyable (but haaard work!).

Great hospitality from our Cottenham hosts (thank you Ann and Chris). Top notch cooking – in particular I can recommend the chocolate bread and butter pudding.

As a prelude to our evening meal we had a musical party-piece spots with some delightful performances.

Sunday saw us revisiting our quartets and practicing conducting. All a great laugh until you got the baton in your hand and realised it is harder than it looks.

Michaelhouse Concert Slideshow

Philip has kindly sent in some photos from our last concert at Michaelhouse in Cambridge’s Trinity Street on June 14.

It was a fantastically exciting event, featuring our lovely guests The London Mandolin Ensemble. We were very pleased to see the venue rammed with an appreciative audience. A jolly good time had by all.


Subscribe to our calendar

This is a bit of a technical one, so those who aren’t interested please feel free to have a look around the rest of the website or I tell you how to get our calendar up on your computer.

Our calendar feed is updated on If you click on this link your phone or computer will download the current list of events and probably ask if you would like these added to your own diary. This is simply a copy of the events and further updates will not reach you.

Alternatively you can copy the URL ( and create a new additional calendar on your device, computer or online email account (e.g. Google Mail/Calendar) and you should have the facility somewhere to do this.

In my case my Thunderbird email client has a calendar view and I created a new Moonlight Mandolins calendar “on The Network”. I just filled in the URL and there it is. Up to date all the time. I can even mark it in colour.

On the iPad (and probably iPhone) goto Settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars->Add Account->Other->Add Subscribed Calendar

Under “Server” type and you are done. You are subscribed.

First Post

Welcome to the newly revamped Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra’ website. We’re not quite unpacked from all the boxes yet so please forgive the website’s initial untidiness.