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Glasgow Report

I should apologies first for this posting coming so very, very late. I’ve had difficulties posting to this site from my phone and it appears I was posting to the wrong one all along (doh!). – Mike

Edinburgh Waverly
Transferring trains at Edinburgh Waverly

Anyhoo, where do I begin? Well there was the post to say we were heading up to Glasgow for the BMG Festival 2016 at Kelvinside Academy. Most of us journeyed up by train in cheery spirits ready for some grim Scottish weather – which never happened. It seems Glasgow in March is like a sauna. Result.

As an orchestra we were performing in the competition but so were many of our members as solos, duels and groups. Not much time and space to watch each other but a very exciting time shuttling between classrooms with music, stands and stringed instruments to perform under pressure.

Though the orchestra didn’t manage to win we got plenty of high recommendations and silverware for individuals.

10/10 to the organisers as everything ran like clockwork with amazing classes, top food, beautiful weather, gorgeous (and very posh) Kelvinside and stunning entertainment.




Summer Isa Cummin

This weekend we held our summer school in Cottenham.

We kicked off the first morning playing circling cannons in various arrangements of up to 9 parts. Quite a hoot.

After some coffee we indulged in some word games to up our knowledge of Italian musical terms.


A spot of tea was followed up with us forming a couple of quartets. The idea was to learn your parts on the hoof, play solidly in time together (harder than it sounds), then swap parts. A great discipline and hugely enjoyable (but haaard work!).

Great hospitality from our Cottenham hosts (thank you Ann and Chris). Top notch cooking – in particular I can recommend the chocolate bread and butter pudding.

As a prelude to our evening meal we had a musical party-piece spots with some delightful performances.

Sunday saw us revisiting our quartets and practicing conducting. All a great laugh until you got the baton in your hand and realised it is harder than it looks.