from Faure’s “Dolly Suite” Op. 56

Dolly was a young piano pupil of Faure’s, and the suite was originally for the two of them to play together (four-handed piano). The music, while harmonically sophisticated, has a child-like feel.

It is a popular piece and many arrangements exist for different combinations of instruments. Here is a clip of the 4-handed original:

and here is a link to the orchestral version which inspired our arrangement (it starts at about 13:00 minutes in to the concert)

Our arrangement is here

and you can print off your part from the Shared Folder in the usual way.

Practice pointers

Guitarists, please note there are two quite separate guitar parts so please sort out among yourselves who will play which. Guitar 1, your part holds the entire piece together (so no pressure!). It should be played with a nice easy ripple across the 3 top strings and is not all that hard – but you need to know the fingerings very well so you can play through with ease and confidence.

Mandolin 1s – you have a passage marked 8va towards the end which takes you up very high indeed – if it is too hard, just ignore the 8va and play the written notes – it will be sufficient if one or two players give us the very high notes.