Suite from “The Fairy Queen”

Suite from The Fairy Queen by Purcell

A reminder that this is intended as (relatively easy) music to work on “in the background” during the Easter term. There are no immediate plans to perform it, but we could use it any time in the future if we enjoy it.

Click here for some background on the original Purcell opera.

Please print off your part from the Current Programme folder in MMO Documents.

Here is our arrangement to view and listen to. Sorry about the abrupt transitions from one movement to the next!

And here are clips of the music on YouTube. These are very popular pieces, so you will find quite a range of interpretations if you search for yourself.

Entry Dance



I can’t find this mvt on YouTube right now. It’s there somewhere – if you turn it up, please send me the link.

Dance of the Fairies


or maybe you prefer ??