Rumba (Dieter Kreidler)

The music was purchased from Trekel – please get your part from the repertoire committee.

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Practice Pointers

The crucial thing to be clear about is that the rhythm is (ALMOST all the time) 3+3+2. This is notated beautifully clearly in the lower parts, but mandolins and mandolas have some bizarre note beaming, e.g. in the 1st 20 bars or so, which might lead you to play the rhythm 3+2+3. Once you have realised what is going on, it is not a problem.

At bar 48, the rhythm does in fact go into 3+2+3, and then we are back into the main rhythm from bar 54.

There are a couple of bars (e.g. bar 4) where the orchestra does a percussive sound. In these bars we are doing a fermata on this beat, but not the fermata on the beat before.

Mandolins and mandolas, at risk of starting a “picking dispute” I have marked in my preferred picking at bar 21 where we all have repeated quavers in unison. If we can manage to all pick it the same way, we will sound tighter!