What about getting some tuition before I join?

You may well have been learning mandolin by yourself, or in a very informal setting. Before coming along to join us, you might quite understandably want a bit of reassurance and guidance on the technical basics, instrument set-up and so on. Or you might want to brush up on your musical terminology or your counting. But, for all its popularity in the folk world, the mandolin is still something of a niche instrument and teachers are not easy to find!

If you are considering joining us, Hugh or Anna may well be able to arrange a couple of starter lessons with you to sort out any issues with technique or tone, pinpoint areas where you might need to do some work, and give advice on tutor books and other practice material.

The MMO is a very supportive group. Many of us take regular or occasional lessons as we go along, and/or attend workshops.  The group organises weekends on a fairly regular basis with a strong teaching element, and the BMG Summer School is highly recommended.