The Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra

The Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra is based in Cambridge, UK. It is an amateur orchestra for plucked string instruments, featuring mandolins, mandolas, guitars and bass.

In 2021-22 we are doing our best to get back to our normal programme of fortnightly rehearsals, with at least one public performance each term.

In December 2021 we very much enjoyed our first public concert for 2 years, at Stapleford Granary. In March 2022, we were delighted to revive our tradition of joint concerts with award-winning guitarist Daniela Rossi in the lovely old theatre in the Cambridge Buddhist Centre.

Here’s a video we made while locked down in 2020

Our next concert is at St Andrew’s Church, Histon,
on Saturday July 9th with the Harmonia Singers.

Unlock your inner Moonlight!

We are keen to recruit new players in 2021-22. If you might be interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you.

Keep up to date

Perhaps you would like to come to one of our concerts, or just keep up to date with what we are doing?

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