Chris Acquavella workshop and massed orchestra concert in Brighton, Oct 2023

Didn’t we have a loverly time, the day we went to Brighton?! At the invitation of friends in the Fretful Federation, some of the Moonlights trekked down to join them for an intensive weekend. First was the workshop with genial mandolin wizard Chris Acquavella,  who talked us through some exercises – his eagle eye spotted anything that did, or didn’t, look right. Then a rehearsal for Sunday, with Lindsay Stoner’s baton keeping us in order. 

Sunday’s concert was highly enjoyable, both for the performers and audience. The venue was beautiful, and Chris’s solo slot and virtuosity in the Vivaldi were true crowd-pleasers. We also revived “Shadow of a Golden Dream”, a piece composed by David Sutton-Anderson for the Fretful Federation 25 years ago. With its slightly unusual combination of instruments,  it certainly had an impact and I, for one, would love to perform it again at some point. 
The icing on the cake was a standing ovation from the large audience. What a memorable afternoon!

You can watch more of the performances on this playlist