by Fermo Dante Marchetti, arr Valdo Preema

Wikipedia tells us that

Fascination” is a popular waltz song with music (1904) by Fermo Dante Marchetti and lyrics (1905) by Maurice de Féraudy

It was first published in Hamburg (Anton J. Benjamin) and Paris (Édition F. D. Marchetti) in 1904 in a version for piano solo (‘Valse Tzigane’). As a song with de Féraudy’s words, it was first performed by the French music-hall singer Paulette Darty, in 1905, and published the same year.

In this clip it is arranged for violin solo with orchestra. This performance has the spirit and the lightness and the sheer hamminess that I would like to aim for.

Our mandolin orchestra arrangement was purchased from edition49, and you can find your part in the Shared Folder in the usual way.

We do not have a Noteflight version of this song, but edition49 put this “rolling score” clip of the music on YouTube.

Practice pointers

As we quickly realised when we walked through this for the first time, the hardest thing in this piece is the repeat structure. There are nested sets of codas and segnos which could throw even the most experienced player.

For ease of reference we have added rehearsal letters as follows:

Bar 2 – A
Bar 14 – B
Bar 46 – C
Bar 79 – D
Bar 111 – E

Generally, if you playing the accompaniment rhythm, please play the 2nd beat tenuto and the 3rd beat with a slight lift.