2020 – the year of lockdown videos

In 2020 it was impossible to do a live concert of course, and for most of the year we could not get together to rehearse face to face.

We soldiered on, running weekly sessions with the aid of Zoom. We all had to learn new things on the computer, and new ways of practising and rehearsing. But it worked, was actually great fun in a curious way, and it helped keep us all sane!

Here are the 2 “lockdown videos” that we made during the year. All the recordings were made in players’ homes, using mostly mobile phones. During the first lockdown, in Spring, we worked up a piece which we already knew well from previous concerts, “La Partida”.

The 2nd lockdown came in November, and we decided to do a video of a Christmas carol, “Personent Hodie”. This was a completely new piece for the group, and was conceived, arranged, rehearsed and recorded in just a few weeks. Hopefully Xmas 2021 will give us some opportunity to play it live together!