Summer School and King’s College concert, May 2018

A friend of mine was arranging a fund-raising evening for Papworth Hospital, in response to the excellent care they had given him a year ago. He has a son who sings and decided that some music would be a good centre-piece for the event. I volunteered the services of the Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra, and was delighted to find that a good proportion of the members were willing and able to do this. We played a set of four pieces – Rumba, Orinoco, Loftus Jones and The Lone Ar-Ranger which all proved to be a great success. The audience were very appreciative, and the venue as a place to play mandolin music proved excellent – the acoustics were lovely.

Here’s a video of the group’s performance at King’s. There were more of us on stage than this, sorry the mandolas didn’t fit in the picture!

Having booked the date, we arranged to have a Moonlight Summer School around it. So on the Saturday before the concert, there were opportunities to polish those tricky corners and to play together. We also played some rounds and tried out some other music as well as having lunch and tea and coffee breaks. Most of us reconvened on Sunday, and spent some time with Anna presenting thoughts to us about the relationships between intervals in a scale and chords that we then construct from those and how they then lead to harmony that we enjoy. In the afternoon we had the opportunity of putting that into practice by writing our own music to accompany a ground bass which was most interesting, and we finished off by playing them as a group! Summer schools are much too good to only have in the summer! I think we shall have to have a winter summer school again too!
Dates to be announced!!

Anne Moller