The music

We usually aim to work on a mixed programme with something for everyone. Our concerts have included classical music from almost every era (early, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary), as well as folk-inspired arrangements, jazz, film music and novelty items. Some of the music is written specifically for our instruments, but we do not restrict ourselves to standard mandolin orchestra repertoire.

Here’s a sampler selected from recordings of our live concerts

You will not find mandolin orchestra arrangements in your local music shop, so we have to hunt and forage. In particular we are very grateful to the lovely people at Haus der Musik Trekel in Hamburg – they keep a vast stock of plucked string arrangements to service the German mandolin orchestra scene, and have always managed to steer us in the right direction when we have been looking for material.

We are also grateful to our Musical Directors both past and present. Hugh and Anna have produced a steady stream of quality arrangements for the group to play.