Rehearsal 2 – recording and listening

Last night we took two of our proposed CD pieces – Harmony on Lyttleton St and Tu vuo fa l’americano – and put them under the microscope. We made a “first pass” recording of each, and then listened to the recordings together and wrote down any reactions. Then we gathered the reactions, did some work on the main points and made another recording of each piece.

The reactions were interesting and varied (see pics below), and brought some things into sharp focus. We tightened our tremolos in in Lyttleton St, and sharpened our syncopations in Americano. MMO players will be able to hear the resulting rough recordings in our shared Google Drive folder. Did we produce immediate improvements? Quite possibly – but the main thing that we focus and improve over time. Hopefully this sort of exercise will help us with this.

Fun fact – a surprising number of MMO players, when given a pile of Post-Its and asked to write on them, put their comments on the sticky side.

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